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Welcome ~ Bienvenidos to the site of the Master of Curvismo™, Ricardo Chávez-Méndez, a self-taught artist who decided at the age of fourteen to dedicate his entire life to a career in art. Ricardo has worked tenaciously towards that goal for over 40 years, developing into the Master of Curvismo™, introducing the art style to the world and one of the finest artists in his genre. Browse his site and see for yourself! You will agree that this artist is like none you're ever seen before. His art is clean, crisp and amazingly inspiring!

Ricardo is a prolific artist with over 1500 images that he has created here in the United States alone. The Curvismo™ images are just a tip of the iceberg! We'll start with those and slowly keep adding more images as we go along. The following galleries are of the different genres he has created. Enjoy!

The Curvismo™ Gallery

Throughout his career and in search of a unique style he can call his own, Ricardo has experimented with a play on color, form and imagery. Just as the style Cubism or Cubismo displays several aspects of the same object simultaneously by fragmenting the form, Ricardo does the opposite. He manipulates curves by depicting a path of a continuously moving point. His technique uses layering of transparent color by superimposing warm tones and cool tones (and vice versa) to create an optical blend. Concave shapes morph effortlessly into convex forms to create a soothing flow of energy. The idea came to a realization from observing lava lamps with the flow of the wax gently floating in suspended animation.

In the On Sacred Ground Series, Ricardo was inspired by a conversation with friend, singer and author Bonnie Jo Hunt (depicted in the On Sacred Ground Series V), in which she was saying Native American Indians believe that everything stems from Mother Earth. That all things are connected and spring forth from the ground.

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Abstract Gallery

In the Papolotl Series (meaning butterfly in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs), and the Carnaval Series Ricardo bases them on The Rorschach Technique to produce psychedelic ink blot test-inspired shapes that reveal whole universes of surreal imagery.

Ricardo also has a series of smaller paintings called the…

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Carnaval Series Gallery

Surrealism Gallery

From the real to the surreal in various styles and media. Ricardo has been compared to Dalí, Kandinsky and Rockwell. Greatly influenced by the Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí, Ricardo’s surrealistic art form has evolved into a style distinctly known as curvismo and is his preferred style. Being dubbed “The Dalí of the Desert” by Chicago’s Airbrush Action Magazine, his versatility in mediums is impressive which includes pastel, acrylic, oil, colored pencil and mixed media. He is now an award-winning artist whose work is known in New Mexico as well as internationally. The Art has been Ricardo’s lifelong career.


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